Bike for Bailey

Sunday 6th August - Easingwold

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Countdown to Bike for Bailey - Easingwold


One Boy

One Ride

Two Routes

One life changing diagnosis

One life enhancing operation

Who is Bailey Smith?

Bailey is an inspirational 8 year old boy with a bold story and a big personality.  He’s football mad and is an avid Chelsea and Real Madrid Fan.  His hero is Ronaldo and he constantly references him when playing in the garden or  local park – but why Bike for Bailey you ask?

Bailey’s Story

Like any other little boy, Bailey was born in 2008 and was an instant hit with the family – he is mischievous which was apparent from an early age.  What was also apparent, was that, although cognitively he was developing like other toddlers his age, he had difficulty with balance and tended to point his toes when sitting down.  As time passed, it was becoming more apparent that he was developing later than other children and had difficulty in propelling himself up onto his feet after learning to crawl.  It was at this time that his parents took him to be assessed and they were given a life changing diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

Since his diagnosis, his parents and doctors have found that he suffers from a lower limb spasticity meaning that his lower legs do not relax and he walks on his toes.  When he does put his feet flat his upper body is propelled forwards at a 45 degree angle, which can currently only be controlled by lower leg splints, which unfortunately cause sores and blisters to develop so cannot be worn all the time.

To help him gain independence as he grows, Bailey needs an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy.

What is a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy and how can we help?

SDR is a small incision into the spinal area and the nerves that control his lower legs separated and ultimately cut, therefore freeing the spasticity in his lower  legs.  He then will undertake an intensive course of physiotherapy to help him, in essence walk again.

So far through JustGiving we have managed to raise over £6,500, but with an operation costing £25,000, we need as many riders as possible for this great cause!


Both the 70km and 110km routes will be £20 entry, £5 will be used to cover the cost of the ride and the other £15 to supporting Bailey’s life enhancing treatment.

The Route 100km

Route description below.

The Route 70km

The Ride

Starting at Easingwold Market Place and following a clockwise route out to the Howardian Hills via Crayke, where aparrently 10,000 me marched up and down? ; this is a challenging route that takes in the sights of  Brandsby and Hovingham where there will be a feed and coffee station, then on to the North York Moors via the climb at Nunnington.  The route will then pass through rolling countryside around Kirby Misperton and the glorious surroundings of Castle Howard.  It will descend the infamous Terrington Bank before finally returning via Sherif Hutton and Stillington back to Easingwold Market place for a well earned coffee and other refreshments.

There are two routes to choose from, one 110km (60 miles) and one 70km (36 miles) for cyclists of all abilities.  There is also a family route which will be marked and marshalled consisting of a 5km circular route around the town.